Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeWingPlates/wingalbum/slides/wing_euarestoides-abstersus.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeRangeMaps/mapalbum/slides/map_euarestoides-abstersus.html Rounded Rectangle: Discussion: Although not yet recorded from Ontario, this species is known from central Michigan and from the eastern seaboard of New Jersey, New York, and Maryland (not mapped, Foote et al., 1993), so it likely occurs in southern Ontario. Euarestoides abstersus is less frequently collected than the similar E. acutangulus. These two species are easily distinguished by oviscape colour, wing colour and the location of the hyaline spot within the subapical brown mark (see key).

Host: Carphephorus paniculatus (J.F. Gmel.) Herbert is the only well documented host plant (Benjamin 1934, as Trilisa paniculata). The larvae feed in the flowerheads.

Flight Period:  Specimens from the eastern seaboard of U.S.A. were collected in early September; the specimen collected from Michigan was collected in mid-May.

Barcode Available: No