Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeWingPlates/wingalbum/slides/wing_eutreta-novaeboracensis.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeRangeMaps/mapalbum/slides/map_eutreta-novaeboracensis.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeLivePhotos/livealbum/slides/live_Eutreta-novaeboracensis.html Link to: Rounded Rectangle: Discussion: Eutreta novaeboracensis is the largest Eutreta species in Ontario, as well as the most common. It can usually be differentiated from the similar E. caliptera by its body length (more than 6.5 mm; E. caliptera is between 4 and 6.5 mm) and its reddish-brown colour.

Hosts: Eutreta novaeboracensis larvae feed in rhizome galls on Solidago canadensis L. (= altissima). Solidago rugosa P. Mill. is also a reported host for this species (Stoltzfus, 1977).

Flight Period: Mid-May to mid-September

Barcode Available: Yes
(GenBank EU484508, EU484507, EU484506, EU484505)