Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeWingPlates/wingalbum/slides/wing_trupanea-actinobola.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeRangeMaps/mapalbum/slides/map_trupanea-actinobola.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeLivePhotos/livealbum/slides/live_Trupanea-actinobola.html Link to: Rounded Rectangle: Discussion: Found across much of North America, Trupanea actinobola can be distinguished from the other Ontario Trupanea species by the presence of only one dark ray extending into cell dm.

Host: Recorded hosts include 31 species in 19 genera of Asteraceae, including 5 species of Erigeron, 4 species of Gutierrezia, and 4 species of Solidago (Wasbauer 1972, Goeden et al. 1998). The larvae feed in the flowerheads.

Flight Period: Mid-June to early August

Barcode Available: Yes
(GenBank EU484559, EU484558)