Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeWingPlates/wingalbum/slides/wing_campiglossa-albiceps.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeRangeMaps/mapalbum/slides/map_campiglossa-albiceps.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeLivePhotos/livealbum/slides/live_Campiglossa-albiceps.html Link to: Rounded Rectangle: Discussion: Easily distinguished from all other species in Campiglossa by its entirely reddish yellow legs, Campiglossa albiceps is one of the most common fruit flies in Ontario. 

Hosts: Aster laevis L., A. novae-angliae L., A. pilosus Willd., A. praealtus Poir., A. puniceus L., and A. umbellatus Mill. (Wasbauer 1972, Novak 1974). The larvae feed in the flowerheads.

Flight Period: Early June to early September

DNA Barcode Available: Yes
(Genbank EU484468, EU484467, EU484466)