Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeWingPlates/wingalbum/slides/wing_euaresta-bella.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeRangeMaps/mapalbum/slides/map_euaresta-bella.html Link to: Galleries/TephritidaeLivePhotos/livealbum/slides/live_Euaresta-bella.html Link to: Rounded Rectangle: Discussion: The only black Euaresta species found in Ontario, Euaresta bella is by far the most frequently collected fruit fly in the province. Ranging across most of the populated regions of Ontario, Euaresta bella has also been recorded from as far south as the Bahamas, Barbados, and Mexico (Foote et al., 1993).

Host: Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., common ragweed, is the only known host (Wasbauer, 1972).

Flight Period: Mid-May to early September

Barcode Available: Yes
(GenBank EU484487, EU484486, EU484485, EU484484, EU484483, EU484482, EU484481, EU484480, EU484479)