Unless otherwise indicated on the photographs, all photographs of living specimens were taken by SM. We thank the following other photographers for permission to use their work (copyright remains with the photographer): Dmitry Gavryushin (Clusia tigrina, Hendelia beckeri), Tom Murray (Clusiodes melanostomus complex) and John Klymko (lekking Clusiodes). Geoff Thompson photographed the holotype of Allometopon perkinsi and Chris Ho provided the photographs used for the habitus plate of Heteromeringia czernyi. DC took the dorsal photograph of Melanoclusia bivibrissa. Genitalic illustrations of Clusiodes species, excluding the labeled figure provided by OL, were produced by David Caloren. All remaining illustrations and photographs of preserved specimens were taken by OL.

We thank the editorial staff at the journals Studia Dipterologica, Zootaxa, Beitr├Ąge zur Entomologie, Bishop Museum Occasional Papers and the European of Journal Entomology for permission to reprint select illustrations from articles previously published by OL and SM.

Funding for this project was provided by an NSERC Discovery grant awarded to SM, an NSERC grant awarded to OL, and support from the Biological Survey of Canada Foundation for DC's role as technical editor of CJAI.