Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Taxonomic revision of the Nearctic erosa species group of Phymata Latreille, 1802 (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Phymatinae)

CJAI 41 -- October 1, 2020

Paul Masonick & Christiane Weirauch

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  Phymata paraborica sp. nov.
    Figs 14A–E, 20L. Map 12.

Diagnosis: Recognized from other species of the Nearctic erosa group by the following combination of characters: (1) shallow lateral notch, (2) posterior pronotal angle conspicuous and right, (3) very short and blunt frontal process, and (4) flattened anterior pronotal disk that is usually very smooth overall and without raised tubercles along the posterior margin.

Description: Male: Small to medium, total length ~6.59–7.15 mm, width across lateral angles of pronotum: ~2.38–2.66 mm. STRUCTURE: HEAD (Fig. 14A,C,D): distiflagellomere of male shorter than pedicel + basiflagellomere. THORAX (Figs 14A,C,D, 20L): thoracic surface matte; anterior pronotal disk without elongated setaceous granulation; posterior pronotal disk punctate; area between lateral pronotal notch and longitudinal carina of the posterior pronotal lobe usually with a small granulation patch; longitudinal carina without prominent tubercle; lateral margin of anterior pronotal lobe not keeled and inconspicuous; lateral notch shallow; lateral margin of pronotum from lateral notch to lateral angle smooth or with light crenulation; lateral angle small and obtuse; posterior angle prominent and right; lateral surface of forefemur smooth or sparsely granulated; lateral surface of thorax smooth or sparsely granulated; forewing membrane brown, cloudy, never hyaline. ABDOMEN (Fig. 14B): posterior corners of connexiva of abdominal segments 2–4 inconspicuous/subtle; lateral margins of connexiva of abdominal segments 4–5 convex; lateral margins of connexiva of abdominal segments 3–6 with or without fine granulation; connexivum of abdominal segment 5 less than twice as wide as connexivum of abdominal segment 4; connexivum of abdominal segment 6 rhomboidal, anterior and posterior margin roughly the same width. COLORATION (Figs 14A–D): variable; anterior pronotal lobe usually with dark marking; forefemur pale, never darkened; corium with a conspicuous transverse band (usually pink or purple in color); body overall usually pale yellow or greenish with dark brown or black markings. Female: Small to medium, total length: ~6.89–7.94 mm, width across lateral angles of pronotum: ~2.47–2.88 mm. COLORATION (Figs 14A,B,E): very similar to that of males.

Etymology: Named for its resemblance to P. borica Evans, a species native to the Colorado Plateau region of the United States.

Biology: Phymata paraborica has been collected from Eriogonum fasciculatum Benth. (Polygonaceae) and Adenostoma Hook. & Arn. (Rosaceae) in scrublands and chaparral habitats.

Distribution: This species is found along the Transverse Ranges of southern California.

Discussion and identification remarks: This species is sympatric with P. pacifica and can be found on the same host plants (i.e., E. fasciculatum). Phymata paraborica sp. nov. has a more diffuse granulation patch, flatter lateral margin of the anterior pronotal lobe, shallower lateral notch, obtuse or right lateral angle (compare with acute lateral angle of P. pacifica) and is overall much darker than P. pacifica. These additional characteristics help separate P. paraborica sp. nov. from other Californian taxa: (1) the small to medium size, (2) lateral margin of anterior pronotal lobe smooth (compare with crenulated margin of P. luteomarginata), (3) both sexes often with blackened head and pronotum (never black in P. luteomarginata females), and (4) brown forewing membrane (compare with hyaline membrane of P. luteomarginata or P. metcalfi).

Type information: The holotype and allotype of this new species have been deposited in the University of California Riverside Entomology Research Museum, Riverside, CA, USA. In total, 79 specimens, comprising 39 adult males and 40 adult females were designated as types.
HOLOTYPE: Male: USA: California: San Bernardino Co.: San Bernardino National Forest, Lytle Creek Road,
34.26668°N, 117.51085°W, 08 Jul 2016, C. Weirauch, P. Masonick, & M. Hernandez, (UCR_ENT 00127618) (UCR). NOTE: The specimen’s left foretarsus is missing and the right hind leg was removed for DNA extraction.
ALLOTYPE: Female: USA: California: San Bernardino Co.: San Bernardino National Forest, Lytle Creek Road,
34.26668°N, 117.51085°W, 08 Jul 2016, C. Weirauch, P. Masonick, & M. Hernandez, (UCR_ENT 00127609) (UCR). NOTE: The specimen’s right hind leg was removed for DNA extraction.
PARATYPES: USA: California: Los Angeles Co.: Crystal Lake, 34.31940°N, 117.84700°W, 27 Jul 1968,
Unknown, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00061717) (UCR). Mt. Wilson, 34.22389°N, 118.06028°W, 13 Jul 1940, G. P.
Mackenzie, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00061612) (UCR). N6 towards Devil’s Punchbowl, 34.44081°N, 117.89247°W, 22 Aug 2014, C. Weirauch, A. Knyshov, P. Masonick, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00104936) (UCR). San Gabriel Mountains: Tie Canyon and area, 34.39944°N, 118.07618°W, 23 Jun 1967, R. H. Crandall, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00039343) (LACM). South Fork Campground, 34.39444°N, 117.81944°W, 06 Sep 1971, J. A. Honey, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039342) (LACM). Tanbark Flats, San Gabriel Mountains, 34.20350°N, 117.76105°W, 22 Jun 1950, W. A. McDonald, 5♂ (UCR_ENT 00039317-UCR_ENT 00039321), 6♀ (UCR_ENT 00039322-UCR_ENT 00039326, UCR_ENT 00039328) (LACM); 22 Jun 1950, D. C. Blodget, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039327) (LACM); 25 Jun 1950, D. C. Blodget, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039329), 2♀ (UCR_ENT 00039337, UCR_ENT 00039338) (LACM); 25 Jun 1950, F. X. Williams, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00079052), 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00079061) (CAS); 21 Jun 1950, J K Windsor, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039330) (LACM); 25 Jun 1952, B. Tinglof, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039331) (LACM); 23 Jun 1950, J K Windsor, 3♂ (UCR_ENT 00039332-UCR_ENT 00039333, UCR_ENT 00039340), 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00039334) (LACM); 08 Jul 1950, J K Windsor, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00039335) (LACM); 08 Jul 1952, Unknown, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039336) (LACM); 30 Jun 1950, W. A. McDonald, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00039339) (LACM); 13 Jul 1950, J K Windsor, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00039341) (LACM). Orange Co.: Arch Beach, 33.52169°N, 117.76477°W, 02 Jul 1925, L. J. Muchmore, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039345) (LACM). Riverside Co.: 12 mi E of Hemet, San Bernardino National Forest, 33.70871°N, 116.76110°W, 26 May 2009, C. Weirauch, D. Forero, G. Zhang, 2♂ (UCR_ENT 00071890, UCR_ENT 00071897), 3♀ (UCR_ENT 00071888-UCR_ENT 00071889, UCR_ENT 00071896) (UCR). Cleveland National Forest, 33.50972°N, 117.36694°W, 19 Apr 2015, Unknown, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00127544) (UCR). Gavilan, 33.81000°N, 117.35800°W, 09 Jun 1960, Timberlake, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00066290) (UCR). Reche Canyon Road, 33.98228°N, 117.21548°W, 08 Jul 2015, A. J. Mayor, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00123231) (UCR). Santa Rosa Mountains, 33.52417°N, 117.27528°W, 01 Jun 1958, C. Cushner, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00079289) (CAS). San Bernardino Co.: 3 mi S Camp Angelus, 34.10231°N, 116.98167°W, 06 Jul 1960, W. F. Barr, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00079900) (WFBM). 6 mi NW of Cajon, 34.35424°N, 117.52920°W, 23 Jun 1958, W. F. Barr, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00079899) (WFBM). Camp Baldy, 34.29528°N, 116.91392°W, 14 Jun 1926, L. L. Muchmore, 5♂ (UCR_ENT 00096290-UCR_ENT 00096293, UCR_ENT 00096297), 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00096298) (LACM); 12 Jun 1916, L. J. Muchmore, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00096294), 2♀ (UCR_ENT 00096295, UCR_ENT 00096296) (LACM). Hwy. 138, W of Silverwood Lake, 34.29038°N, 117.34930°W, 31 May 2015, A. J. Mayor, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00123286) (UCR). Miller Canyon, 34.28417°N, 117.32972°W, 24 Jul 1941, W. F. Barr, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00079901) (WFBM). San Bernardino National Forest, E of Silverwood Lake State Rec. Area, 34.27183°N, 117.30053°W, 28 Jun 2012, Schuh and Weirauch, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00071908) (UCR). San Bernardino National Forest, Hwy 38, Mill Creek Canyon, 34.09690°N, 116.96510°W, 29 May 2017, P. Masonick, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00127547) (UCR). San Bernardino National Forest, Lytle Creek Road, 34.26668°N, 117.51085°W, 08 Jul 2016, C. Weirauch, P. Masonick, M. Hernandez, 4♂ (UCR_ENT 00127616-UCR_ENT 00127627, UCR_ENT 00127619-UCR_ENT 00127620), 6♀ (UCR_ENT 00127545, UCR_ENT 00127610-UCR_ENT 00127614) (UCR); 26 Jun 2016, P. Masonick & C. Dodge, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00127615) (UCR); 26 Jul 2016, P. Masonick, M. Hernandez, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00127626) (UCR). Valley of the Falls Drive: large pullout east of the Hwy 38 / Valley of the Falls Drive junction, 34.09490°N, 116.94720°W, 29 Aug 2014, P. Masonick, S. Frankenberg, A. Michael, 2♀ (UCR_ENT 00104976, UCR_ENT 00104979) (UCR). Wrightwood, 34.36083°N, 117.63250°W, 06 Jul 1963, D. S. Verity, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00039344) (LACM). San Diego Co.: Indian Springs, 32.72033°N, 116.88085°W, 19 Jun 1927, C. C. Searl, 1♂ (UCR_ENT 00078900) (SDNH). Pine Valley, 32.83583°N, 116.53361°W, 22 Aug 1927, F. W. Kelsey, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00078908) (SDNH). Santa Barbara Co.: Santa Ynez Mountains, W. Camino Cielo Rd., 34.52720°N, 119.98047°W, 18 Jul 2015, A.J. Mayor & M. Gimmel, 2♀ (UCR_ENT 00123193, UCR_ENT 00123240) (UCR). Ventura Co.: Lockwood Valley, 34.74167°N, 119.08555°W, 29 Jun 1972, Unknown, 1♀ (UCR_ENT 00066879) (UCR).