Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Haliplidae of Eastern Canada

CJAI 32 -- July 21, 2017

H. V. Ashbee, S. A. Marshall, and Y. Alarie

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All live photos were taken by the second author. All specimen photos were taken by the first author, with the exceptions of Haliplus lucigelinae taken by Bernhard Johannes van Vondel (Natural History Museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands), and the species page photos of Haliplus litoralis taken by Jesse Ray ( contributor).

Hailey Ashbee was partially supported through a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, with supervisor Steve Marshall.
We thank undergraduate student Victoria Hard for helping with the initial stages of the Peltodytes key.

This key could not have been made without the past works of the late Warren Brigham (1942-1996), Rob Roughley (1950-2009) and Rex Kenner (1950-2010). Rob Roughley encouraged the project from the very beginning, Rex Kenner identified or confirmed the identity of many of our specimens early in the project, and Warren Brigham’s unpublished work was much appreciated. All three of these excellent haliplid workers were taken away too soon, and we dedicate this work to them.