Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

The Taxonomy of the North American Species of Parameletus Bengtsson, 1908 (Ephemeroptera: Siphlonuridae), with Keys to Nymphs and Male Imagos

CJAI 33 -- November 1, 2017

Steven K. Burian

| Abstract | Introduction | Materials & Methods | Key to Parameletus species | Systematic Accounts | Acknowledgments | References | PDF | Cite | Appendix |



I am grateful to the following people that generously contributed specimens for this study: Donna Giberson (UPEI, retired), Boris Kondratieff (CSU), Brigid O’Donnell (PSU), Jan Peters (FAMU), Edward DeWalt (INHS), Marcia Seibenmann (Aquatic Biologist-ME), Owen Lonsdale (CNC), Derek Sikes (Univ. Alaska–Museum of the North), Philip Clausen (UMN), Richard Lillie (WI-DNR, retired), Robert Dubois (WI-DNR), Beth Swartz (ME Inland Fisheries & Wildlife), David Funk (SWRC), Robert Hood (USGS–NAWQA Voucher Collection), Tom Bansak (FLBS), Heather Proctor (University of Alberta, Strickland Museum), Gino Nearns (PERC), and David Larson (MU- Newfoundland, retired).