ISSN 1911-2173

Explanations. * – newly recorded from Canada, ** – not recorded from the northeastern U.S.

Nest type: c – nest in cavities above ground (e.g., borings in wood), d – old mud dauber nests, m – self-constructed mud nests, g – ground nests.

Nest location (of cavity nests and self-constructed mud nests): r – on rocks, walls and other inanimate structures, v – on vegetation (e.g. twigs).

Nest architecture (for ground nests): t – constructs mud turrets over entrance. Renting (for ground nests): p – uses only pre-existing ground burrows.

Other information: ( ) – secondary or exceptional nest site, [ ] – nesting habits inferred from relationship with other species. Total for species per nest type considers only primary nest site of each species.

F – food of larvae: L – Lepidoptera larvae, C – Coleoptera larvae, m – leaf miners, P – mixture of pollen and nectar.