A Matrix Key to Families, Subfamilies and Tribes of Lepidoptera of Canada
CJAI 17 July 19, 2011

Jason J. Dombroskie

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. T6G 2E9,Canada. dombrosk@ualberta.ca.

          Despite being ecologically, economically, and scientifically important as well as a relatively well known group of insects, the order Lepidoptera can be difficult for non-experts to identify reliably.  The matrix-based key presented here provides an easy and reliable way to identify the more difficult groups of adult Lepidoptera using a standard dissecting microscope.  The key allows identification to the level of subfamily or tribe for most Canadian Lepidoptera, includes 222 taxa, and uses 73 characters with 266 character states.  Taxon pages covering the diversity, diagnosis, and taxonomic references of each taxon accompany the identification key.

Thyris maculata Photo by Jason J. Dombroskie

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