A Matrix Key to Families, Subfamilies and Tribes of Lepidoptera of Canada
CJAI 17 July 19, 2011

Jason J. Dombroskie

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. T6G 2E9,Canada. dombrosk@ualberta.ca.

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How to Run Key

Lepidoptera of Canada key was developed in the XID platform. A Microsoft Windows based machine is required in order to use this key. For instructions on how to run the key see below.

1. First download the Lepidoptera of Canada XID key here.

2. Extract files by right clicking on the zip file and selecting extract all. Follow the automated extraction process.

3. Once the extraction process has completed run the XID software by double clicking on the XID.exe file.

4. Select the Lepidoptera of Canada key and click on 'Open XID database'.

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