ISSN 1911-2173


Hine 1901
Diagnosis (Adapted from Webb et al., 1975): Wings usually with clear background color and margined crossveins although some specimens have faint yellow wing membranes. Apical band dark brown. Pterostigmal band broken into small dark brown spots. Marginal spots absent. Male terminalia yellow. Ninth tergum emarginate. Hypovalve elongate, narrow, reaching near base of dististyle. Ventral paramere elongate, narrow, unbranched, barbed, reaching between dististyle. Dorsal paramere distinct, reaching between dististyle. Dististyle lobed, smaller than basistyle.

Unlike most congeners, P. banksi is a characteristic species of relatively dry areas, such as eastern prairies and oak savannahs. It is a widespread species in the northeastern United States, but in Canada it seems to be restricted to southern Ontario. Specimens were collected from June to July.