ISSN 1911-2173


Byers 1973

Diagnosis (Adapted from Webb et al., 1975): Wings with pale yellow background color, crossveins not margined. Apical band brown, usually continuous but sometimes with 1-2 clear spots. Pterostigmal band brown, continuous, sometimes forked. Marginal spots absent. Male terminalia yellow. Ninth tergum emarginate. Hypovalve narrow, elongate, reaching near base of dististyle. Ventral paramere elongate, narrow, unbranched, barbed, reaching between dististyle. Dististyle with two large lobes, shorter than basistyle.

Panorpa hungerfordi is rarely collected in Ontario and was previously known only from  parts of Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. We here record it for the first time in Canada, on the basis of four late summer collections at sites in Carolinian Ontario. It is very similar to, and previously confused with, the southeastern species P. virginica. Some individuals of P. helena have similarly pigmented wing membrane, but have a broad and undivided wing band.