ISSN 1911-2173


Bittacidae Enderlein 1910

Bittacids can be recognized by their single raptorial tarsal claw and by their long legs and wings that give them a superficial resemblance to crane flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). In Ontario there is only one genus (Bittacus) and two species which can be separated without the use of genitalic characters.

The only three species of Bittacidae in Ontario are easily distinguished on the basis of wing colour, venation and pattern as shown in the photos here.  All three species are predators found hanging from plants (never standing on vegetation like Panorpidae)  in a variety of habitats, but especially in moist forests with patches of nettles.

Bittacus stigmaterus Say 1823

Wings yellow without margining of the crossveins. Pterostigma yellow. Legs and abdomen pale yellow to dark yellow.

This species is not often collected, and is only known from Lambton Co, Essex Co., and Wellington Co.