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Ontholestes murinus (Linnaeus 1758)

Figure 3.2.1 Ontholestes cingulatus (Gravenhorst), pronotum. 6.2.1 O. murinus (L.), dorsal habitus.


Among the species of Staphylinina, Ontholestes murinus can be identified to genus by its acute anterior pronotal angles (Fig. 3.2.1) and distinguished from O. cingulatus (Gravenhorst) by the dark legs, completely pale antennae and apex of the abdomen with silver setae (Fig. 6.2.1).


This species is native to Europe, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and China (Herman 2001). In North America, it is only known from the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland (Map 10) where it has been collected in May to September.



North American specimens of Ontholestes murinus were first collected in 1949 in a meadow, on cow dung and in a barn (Smetana 1981). One additional specimen was collected in 1986 and the continued establishment of this exotic species needs reaffirmation.