Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Euarestoides species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Small, dark flies with a flat scutellum, three pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles with the posterior pair reclinate, two pairs of scutellar bristles and one pair of dorsocentral bristles situated close behind the transverse suture.  The wing has a dark brown stellate mark on the apical half, an extensive brown to yellow-brown reticulate pattern on the basal half, and an apical clear spot at least as long as wide in cell r4+5. The wing of Euarestoides resembles the wings of most species of Trupanea, but the basal half of the Euarestoides wing is almost completely filled with a reticulate pattern. Euarestoides is further distinguished from Trupanea by the presence of two pairs of scutellar bristles. 

2 Euarestoides species likely occur in Ontario:
Euarestoides abstersus
Euarestoides acutangulus