Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Euleia fratria page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The single species of Euleia found in Ontario superficially resembles Strauzia, Euphranta, Trypeta, and some Rhagoletis species. Euleia is distinguishable from Strauzia by the presence of two pairs of orbital bristles; from Euphranta by the presence of presutural supra-alar bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles, and the relatively short antennae; from Trypeta by the presence of a distinct rounded spot in the distal half of cell dm and the more distal position of vein r-m along cell dm; and from Rhagoletis by the apically rounded first flagellomere. Specimens of Euleia and Trypeta frequently have tiny dark spots on the integument, especially on the posterior half of the scutum and on the scutellum.

There is 1 Euleia species known from Ontario:
Euleia fratria