Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Euphranta canadensis page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Medium-sized flies with a largely unmarked light yellow body, banded wings, and black setae. In older specimens, the abdominal tergites may be darkened but normally lack patterns. Presutural supra-alar bristles are absent, the dorsocentral bristles are closer to a line through the postsutural supra-alar bristles than through the acrostichal bristles, the posterior orbital bristles are absent, the scutellum is flat and the apex of the first flagellomere nearly attains the oral margin. The wing pattern of Euphranta somewhat resembles that of several species of Rhagoletis in exhibiting the four Rhagoletis-like bands, but it differs from those species and all other Ontario genera in that the discal band terminates in the anterior wing margin distinctly distad of the pterostigma, and the subapical band terminates at or just anterior to vein R4+5.

1 species of Euphranta is found in Ontario:
Euphranta canadensis