Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Eurosta species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Members of Eurosta are characteristically dark, stout-bodied flies of medium size. The wing is quite dark with light or clear spots that sometimes coalesce to form larger light areas. The frons is setulose and very broad, there are one or two pairs of orbital bristles, two to four pairs of frontal bristles, all the postocular bristles are whitish, and the first flagellomere is very short. The dorsocentral bristles are closer to the postsutural supra-alar bristles than to the transverse suture, and the apical scutellar bristles are usually absent or, if present, much shorter than the basal pair.

5 species of Eurosta occur or are likely to occur in Ontario:
Eurosta comma
Eurosta cribrata
Eurosta fenestrata
Eurosta latifrons
Eurosta solidaginis solidaginis