Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Eutreta species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : These dark-winged flies range in size from about 3 mm to over 8 mm. Most species are quickly recognized as Eutreta by their dark brown to black wings, in which the dark colour extends completely to the wing base, and which have a spattering of small, white or silvery round spots and an apical white crescent. Other distinctive characters include three pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles with the posterior pair reclinate and white or yellowish, two pairs of scutellar bristles, one pair of dorsocentral bristles which are situated closer to the transverse suture than to the level of the postsutural supra-alar bristles, and a scutellum that is never swollen or polished. The wing vein R4+5 is bare or with only a few setae dorsally, and the apex of cell cup is elongated at its lower corner. The femora are usually concolourous with the thorax; the tibiae and tarsi are commonly lighter but in some species are concolourous with the thorax.

3 species occur in Ontario:
Eutreta caliptera
Eutreta fenestra
Eutreta novaeboracensis