Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Icterica species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The two Icterica species are modest-sized flies with largely unmarked yellow-brown bodies and legs. They have two to four pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of reclinate orbital bristles, and a frons covered with fine setae. The single pair of dorsocentral bristles are on a transverse line through the postsutural supra-alar bristles, the scutellum is flat and never polished, and there are two pairs of scutellar bristles. Wing vein r-m is distinctly distad of the midpoint of the cell dm, the border of the wing is distinctly brown with clear spots, and the disk has a central area of massively fused yellowish spots making that area appear as if covered by irregularly-shaped dark brown spots against a yellowish background. This wing pattern is unique amongst Ontario Tephritidae.

2 species occur in Ontario:
Icterica circinata
Icterica seriata