Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Neaspilota species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Flies of the genus Neaspilota are small and yellowish with convergent posterior orbital bristles. The dorsocentral bristles are found approximately in line with the postsutural supra-alar bristles, the scutum is often heavily tomentose, and there is a dark lyre-shaped pattern on the otherwise yellow scutum. In these characters, the genus most closely resembles the Ontario species of Terellia, from which it may be distinguished by the generally smaller body size, the usual absence of setae on the node of vein Rs and (in most species) the asymmetric fifth tarsomere of the male foreleg. In contrast to all Ontario Terellia species, cell r4+5 is clear or only very narrowly clouded apically in Neaspilota.

5 species occur or are likely to occur in Ontario:
Neaspilota alba
Neaspilota albidipennis
Neaspilota footei
Neaspilota reticulata
Neaspilota vernoniae