Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Paramyiolia nigricornis page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The single Ontario species is a moderately sized fly with heavily marked wings, dark brown body, and greatly enlarged frontal bristles in the male. The face is receding and lacks a projecting oral margin, while the gena lacks elongated setae other than the genal bristle. All of the postocular bristles are brown to black, there are three pairs of frontal bristles, and two pairs of orbital bristles with the posterior pair reclinate. The thorax has one pair of dorsocentral bristles situated at or behind a transverse line through the postsutural supra-alar bristles, sometimes closer to the acrostichal bristles than to the supra-alars, and there are two pairs of scutellar bristles on a flat, usually yellowish scutellum. Wing vein r-m is close to vein dm-cu, distinctly distal to the middle of cell dm, and cell cup is drawn out to an elongated point. The aculeus tip is flattened in the sagittal plane, differing from other Tephritidae known from Ontario except Chetostoma.

1 species occurs in Ontario:
Paramyiolia nigricornis