Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Procecidochares species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Species of Procecidochares are small to medium-sized flies with a yellowish head, black thorax, dark brown to black abdomen, and in the Ontario species black femora. The wing is clear with four prominent, brown transverse bands, the basal one usually very short. There are two to five frontal bristles, some of them not strictly paired, and in the Ontario species only one pair of orbital bristles or a cluster of 2-4 setae (P. gibba).  The scutellum is shining black, prominently swollen, and rounded dorsally. The scutum has one or two pairs of dorsocentral bristles and two paired, shining black, areas laterally before and behind the transverse suture. The thorax and abdomen have numerous contrasting, flattened, white or yellowish setae in various patterns. One species, Procecidochares gibba, has a supernumerary vein that extends between the costa and vein R2+3 (a unique feature among Ontario Tephritidae). Goeden & Norrbom (2001) provided the most recent key to the U.S. and Canadian species.

2 species occur or are likely to occur in Ontario:
Procecidochares atra
Procecidochares gibba