Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Procecidocharoides penelope species page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : This is a small fly with three pairs of frontal bristles and two pairs of orbital bristles with the posterior pair convergent. There are two pairs of scutellar bristles and two pairs of dorsocentral bristles, one anterior and one posterior to the transverse suture. The scutellum is slightly swollen, and usually shining or subshining. Wing crossvein r-m is situated well distad of the centre of cell dm, and is covered by the same band that covers crossvein dm-cu. The wing pattern includes at least four prominent bands as follows: a small sub-basal band covering crossvein h, a discal band traversing the pterostigma and crossvein bm-cu, an apical band on the anterior apical margin of the wing, and a subapical band extending diagonally from the vicinity of the pterostigma to the apex of vein CuA1 including crossveins r-m and dm-cu. In addition, a slight clouded mark is always present in cell cua1 between the discal and subapical bands, although it is often faint and diffuse in the Ontario species. This genus is distinguished from the similar Procecidochares by the presence of well-developed posterior orbital bristles and the mark between the discal and subapical bands. 

1 species occurs in Ontario:
Procecidocharoides penelope