Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Strauzia species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Strauzia species are relatively large yellowish flies superficially similar to Euleia species, from which they are readily distinguished by characters given in the key to genera. Strauzia is characterized by the presence of an elongated cell cup, a flat scutellum, the absence of orbital bristles, the absence of well-developed setae on the anterior oral margin, and a distinctive wing pattern. The dorsocentral bristles vary in location but are situated no more anterior than the level of the postsutural supra-alar bristles and no further posterior than a point halfway between the supra-alar and acrostichal bristles. 

4 species are found in Ontario:
Strauzia arculata
Strauzia intermedia
Strauzia longipennis
Strauzia perfecta