Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Terellia species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Medium-sized yellowish flies with the body marked with black and the wing marked with light to dark brown bands or spots. The frons is bare, but there are two or three pairs of frontal bristles and two pairs of orbital bristles, the posterior pair of which are well developed and strongly convergent. The thorax has a single pair of dorsocentral bristles situated on a transverse line between the postsutural supra-alar bristles, as well as two pairs of scutellar bristles. The genus is similar to Neaspilota in general habitus and in having convergent posterior orbital bristles, but Neaspilota species are smaller, lack the small dark brown spot at the base of acrostichal bristle, often have the wing unmarked except in the vicinity of the pterostigma, and usually have a setulose frons. 

2 species are found in Ontario:
Terellia palposa
Terellia ruficauda