Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Tomoplagia obliqua page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The single Ontario species is a small fly with a yellow body marked with distinct black spots on its thorax and abdomen, yellow to light brown bristles and setae, and yellow, unmarked legs. It has three pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles, two pairs of scutellar bristles (apical pair nearly as long as basal pair), and one pair of dorsocentral bristles situated closer to the transverse suture than to a transverse line through the postsutural supra-alar bristles. Tomoplagia obliqua is further characterized by a pair of round black spots at the lateral ends of the posterior three or four abdominal tergites, forming a lateral row of spots on each side of the abdominal tergum. The wings are distinctive among all Ontario tephritids in bearing yellow and light brown bands that lie at a roughly 45o angle to the longitudinal axis of the wing.

1 species is found in Ontario:
Tomoplagia obliqua