Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Trupanea species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Trupanea species are small flies with yellowish head and legs and dense grayish tomentum covering the scutum, scutellum, and abdomen. The wings of most species have a are characteristic stellate pattern, being mostly hyaline with a dark brown area in the anterior distal quarter of the disk and narrow dark rays extending to the wing border from the dark patch. All Ontario species have three pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles, and one pair of scutellar bristles. The dorsocentral bristles are situated very close to the transverse suture and are distantly removed from the postsutural supra-alar bristles. Trupanea species have a superficial resemblance to some Tephritis species but differ most obviously in having only one pair of scutellar bristles. 

2 species are found in Ontario:
Trupanea actinobola
Trupanea dacetoptera