Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Trypeta flaveola page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The single Ontario species of Trypeta is a medium-sized yellowish to brown fly with no outstanding dark body markings. It can be distinguished from similar species by its dark brown to black setae and bristles, including three pairs of frontal bristles and two pairs of orbital bristles (posterior pair reclinate). There are two pairs of scutellar bristles and the dorsocentral bristles are aligned closest to the postsutural supra-alar bristles. In profile, the face lacks a distinct cavity and is usually receding, sometimes markedly so. The first flagellomere is rounded apically, and the ocellar bristles are frequently small, sometimes smaller than the postocular bristles. Like Euleia, the body often has quite small dark spots, especially on the scutellum, but the two genera can be differentiated based on the position of vein r-m; in Trypeta it is near the midlength of cell dm, while in Euleia it is apicad of the centre and distinctly closer to vein dm-cu.

1 species is found in Ontario:
Trypeta flaveola