Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Urophora species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Generally dark, small to medium-sized flies, usually with a shining or tomentose black thorax and abdomen. There are two pairs of frontal bristles, one pair of orbital bristles, two pairs of scutellar bristles, and the dorsocentral bristles lie close to, or on a transverse line through, the postsutural supra-alar bristles or between the postsutural supra-alar bristles and the acrostichal bristles. Urophora is distinguished from all other Ontario tephritid genera by the straight or outwardly convex shape of vein CuA2, which closes cell cup transversely with no sign of an extension in the lower corner.

3 species are found in Ontario:
Urophora affinis
Urophora cardui
Urophora quadrifasciata