Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Xanthaciura tetraspina page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Xanthaciura is one of the most easily recognized tephritid genera in Ontario. The frons is very narrow (width at the vertex less than the width of an eye) and there are three pairs of frontal bristles and two pairs of orbital bristles of which the anterior pair are comparatively long. The first flagellomere is at least two times as long as wide, its apex attaining the anterior oral margin. The single pair of dorsocentral bristles is close to the transverse suture, there are two pairs of scutellar bristles, the legs are entirely yellow and unmarked and the posterior two or three abdominal tergites are entirely brown. The wing pattern differs from most other Ontario tephritid species other than Paramyiolia nigricornis, from which it is easily separated using other characters.

1 species is found in Ontario:
Xanthaciura tetraspina