Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Zonosemata electa page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : The single Ontario species of Zonosemata is a predominantly yellowish fly of moderate size with cream-coloured and dark brown to black body markings and wing bands. The dorsocentral bristles are located closer to the acrostichal bristles than to the postsutural supra-alar bristles, a trait unique among Ontario tephritids. The frontal bristles are usually in four pairs, the posterior orbital bristles are reclinate, cell cup is drawn out into a prominent apical point and the first flagellomere is distinctly pointed. Rhagoletis also have a pointed first flagellomere, but lack the medial yellow scutal stripe found in Zonosemata and are densely microtrichose on the scutum. Ontario Rhagoletis species other than R. basiola and R. meigenii also lack the intercalary wing band present in Zonosemata. 

1 species can be found in Ontario:
Zonosemata electa