Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Campiglossa Species Key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Small to medium-sized, usually black-bodied, with a dense grey or tan tomentum and reticulate brown to grey wings. The wings of all species have a characteristic speckled appearance, lack definitive stripes or bands, and have relatively small and rounded clear spots. The most useful external characters used as the primary criteria for recognizing Campiglossa are the geniculate (elbowed) proboscis with a relatively long labellum, head shape (not as elongate as Dioxyna), chaetotaxy (2 frontal, 2 orbital, and 2 scutellar setae), and the abdominal colour pattern (in most species grey with diffuse paired brown spots).

4 species occuring in Ontario:
Campiglossa albiceps
Campiglossa farinata
Campiglossa genalis
Campiglossa sabroskyi