Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Chetostoma californicum page Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Medium-sized yellowish to brown flies without black body or leg markings except sometimes on abdominal tergites. Wings with four narrow bands on a clear field; all bristles well developed, black; three frontal bristles. Two orbital bristles, the posterior pair reclinate. Dorsocentral bristles (single pair) situated slightly ahead of transverse line through the postsutural supra-alar bristles; scutellum flat; gena with 6-12 well-developed black setae at the anterior oral margin, the longest one-half or more as long as the genal bristle behind them. Chetostoma resembles Euphranta in wing pattern, but in that genus the presutural supra-alar bristle is absent, the antenna is longer, the wing bands are wider, and the black genal setulae anterior to the genal bristle are absent. The aculeus tip is flattened in the sagittal plane, differing from other Tephritidae known from Ontario except Paramyiolia.

1 species found in Ontario:
Chetostoma californicum