Rounded Rectangle: Continue to Euaresta species key Rounded Rectangle: Recognition : Euaresta is one of four Ontario genera made up of generally small flies with a dark wing filled with discrete, fairly large, rounded clear spots. These genera (Euaresta, Tephritis, Campiglossa and Dioxyna) also share a flat scutellum, two pairs of frontal bristles, two pairs of orbital bristles with the posterior pair yellowish and reclinate, two pairs of scutellar bristles and a single pair of dorsocentral bristles situated very close behind the transverse suture. Euaresta is separable from Campiglossa and Dioxyna by its nongeniculate labellum, and more radiate wing pattern, and from Tephritis by its distinctly enlarged male fore femora. Euaresta is the only one of the four genera with yellow-bodied species and/or a bulla present in cell r4+5 of the wing. 

3 species of Euaresta are present in Ontario:
Euaresta aequalis
Euaresta bella
Euaresta festiva