Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Blow flies of North America: Keys to the subfamilies and genera of Calliphoridae, and to the species of the subfamilies Calliphorinae, Luciliinae and Chrysomyinae

CJAI 39 -- September 2, 2019

N. Jones, T. Whitworth, and S. A. Marshall

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Identification Keys


Recognizing Calliphoridae

Key to Subfamilies
  Key to Genera of Polleninae
  Key to Genera of Melanomyiinae
  Key to Genera of Chrysomyinae
    Key to Species of Chrysomya
    Key to Species of Cochliomyia
    Key to Species of Protophormia
  Key to Genera of Calliphorinae
    Key to Species of Bellardia
    Key to Species of Calliphora
    Key to Species of Cynomya
  Key to Species of Lucilinae (Lucilia)