Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Laphria (Diptera: Asilidae) of Ontario, with a key to the eastern Canadian species of Laphriini and Dasylechia

CJAI 37 –– April 05, 2019

Kate G. Lindsay, Stephen A. Marshall

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Table 1. Checklist of eastern Canadian Laphria. ON, Ontario; QC, Quebec; NB, New Brunswick; NS, Nova Scotia; PEI, Prince Edward Island; LB, Labrador; NF, Newfoundland. *Record is not verified.

    D. atrox (Williston) ON
    L. bicolor (Wiedemann) ON
    L. aeatus Walker ON QC
    L. aktis McAtee ON
    L. altitudinum Bromley ON QC NB NS
    L. canis canis Williston ON QC NB
    L. canis disparella Banks ON
    L. champlainii (Walton)
    L. cinerea (Back) ON
    L. divisor (Banks) ON QC NS
    L. flavicollis Say ON QC NB NS
    L. gilva (Linnaeus) ON QC NB NS
    L. grossa Fabricius QC*
    L. huron (Bromley) ON QC NB
    L. index McAtee ON QC NB NS
    L. insignis (Banks) ON QC NB NS LB
    L. janus McAtee ON QC NB NS PEI
    L. posticata Say ON QC NB NS PEI LB
    L. royalensis (Bromley) ON* QC
    L. sacrator (Walker) ON QC NB NS PEI
    L. sadales Walker ON QC NB NS PEI LB
    L. scorpio McAtee ON QC NB NS NF
    L. sericea Say ON QC NB NS PEI
    L. sicula McAtee ON QC
    L. thoracica Fabricius ON QC NB NS
    “Undescribed Species 1” ON QC
    “Undescribed Species 2” ON QC NB NS LB
    L. winnemana McAtee ON QC