Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Laphria (Diptera: Asilidae) of Ontario, with a key to the eastern Canadian species of Laphriini and Dasylechia

CJAI 37 –– April 05, 2019

Kate G. Lindsay, Stephen A. Marshall

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Figure 1: Lateral view of Laphria sacrator showing external morphology.

Figure 2: Dorsal view of Laphria scorpio showing external morphology.

Figure 3: Lateral view of external male terminalia of Laphria sericea.

Figure 4: Dorsal view of male (left; Laphria canis) and female (right; Laphria canis) external terminalia. Numbers on female terminalia refer to tergite number.

Figure 5: Colour index for different coloured hairs on Laphria species (from top to bottom: Laphria janus, L. posticata brunneus, L. index, and L. posticata posticata).