ISSN 1911-2173

Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Capniidae (Plecoptera) in Canada east of Alberta

CJAI 36 — April 05, 2019


D.K. Burton



Materials and Methods

All capniid specimens in the CNCI were examined to verify or determine species and to update any name changes due to taxonomic changes. Selected specimens from UOG were also examined to verify and determine species designation. Specimens were examined using a Leica MZ6 stereomicroscope. Photos of selected specimens from the CNCI and UOG were taken using a Tucsen USB 2.0 H Series camera attached to a Leica MZ6 stereomicroscope using Windows Live Photo Gallery software. All Allocapnia specimens used for photographic species determination were relaxed in KOH (aq) and cleared with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide.

All specimens examined in this study have been entered into the CNCI and UOG databases. Distribution maps were generated using decimal GPS coordinates and plotted using an Excel Mapcite software program. Detailed collection data and photographs for specimens at the CNCI are available in their online database ( These specimens are indicated using black pins on all distribution maps. Detailed collection data and photographs for specimens loaned  from the University of Guelph as part of the BOLD website (UOG) are available online at ( (Ratnasingham and Hebert 2007), and these specimens are indicated by green pins on all distribution maps. Additional records included from the Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection Database (INHS) ( are indicated by blue pins on distribution maps. Other records included from previously published research are indicated by red pins on distribution maps. Distribution maps only include literature records where specific collection data was given, or a map was provided. In some cases, some collection data was omitted where a distribution map of a species became too cluttered or where distribution records were repeated locations for specimens in the CNCI collection.

Also included is a checklist of the Capniidae of Canada east of Alberta including their Canadian provincial and territorial distribution (Table 1). Species recorded for the first time from a province or territory are indicated in red with an *. Previously published jurisdictional records that were not listed in the on-line Plecoptera Species File ( are bolded in red.