Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Key to the Genera of Nearctic Syrphidae
CJAI 23 August 23, 2013

G.F.G. Miranda1,2*, A.D. Young1, M.M. Locke3,4, S.A. Marshall1, J.H. Skevington3,4, F.C. Thompson5 

| Abstract | Introduction | Materials & Methods | Results & Discussion | Checklist | Genus Key | Acknowledgments | References | PDF (30MB) | Cite |
  F:\Syrphidae copy (Working folder)\Prepared images for key\ceriana (Polybiomyia) bellardi pmc wide Shopped.tif ceriana (Polybiomyia) bellardi pmc close.jpg Ceriana (Polybiomyia) townsendi BUGGUIDE Patrick Alexander.jpg Link to: eol_logo_globe_high_res.jpg Link to: mylmst_23_29.HTM Link to: mylmst_23_5.HTM Link to: mylmst_23_5.HTM