Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Cleptoparasitic Bees of the Genus Epeolus Latreille (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Canada

CJAI 30 -- March 30, 2017

Thomas M. Onuferko

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The idea of a written key to the species of Epeolus in Canada was conceived by Laurence Packer (PCYU). I thank Laurence Packer for his advice, assistance, and comments on multiple drafts of the manuscript, as well as for granting me access to his impressive Epeolus collection and superior imaging system, which was purchased through the auspices of Canadensys with funds from the Ontario Research Fund and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. I thank all institutions listed in the methods and their curatorial staff for providing me with specimens for study (on site, via loans, or both). I am especially grateful to the following individuals who have provided me with a large amount of material for study and/or granted me permission to sequence various specimens of interest: Sean Brady and Brian Harris (USNM), Sophie Cardinal (CNC), Michael Engel and Jennifer Thomas (KUNHM), Terry Griswold (BBSL), Steve Marshall (DEBU), Jerome Rozen and Corey Smith (AMNH), and Cory Sheffield (RSKM). Several specimens used in this study were collected at Point Pelee National Park, and I am grateful to Parks Canada for granting me a permit to collect there. I especially thank Park Ecologist Tammy Dobbie for her assistance during field work. Sam Droege, Rafael Ferrari, and Laurence Packer reviewed/tested the key, and I am grateful for their comments. I thank the CJAI Hymenoptera section editor John T. Huber (CNC) and an anonymous reviewer for their constructive and thorough reviews, which helped improve the manuscript. The specimens used in this study were collected by a very large number of individuals, and I am thankful for their contributions to furthering the knowledge of Epeolus. This project was supported through Laurence Packer’s discovery grant funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).