Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

The Cantharidae of Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States
CJAI 25 February 28, 2014

G. Pelletier & C. Hébert

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We would like to thank the following persons for their contributions to the present publication:

Dr Yves Bousquet, of the Canadian National Collection, ECORC, Agriculture Canada, for providing all the unsorted material used in this research (about 8000 specimens). Among this material, only the specimens collected by Dr Laurent Lesage contained details on habitats of many species. Dr Bousquet also kindly revised our manuscript.
Dr Steve Marshall and S.M. Paiero, from the University of Guelph, who provided about 1100 specimens and details on habitats of many species. Dr Marshall also provided many live images of Cantharids photographed in their habitats.
Claude Chantal, collector, who provided about 900 specimens.
Michel Racine, collector, who donated about 500 specimens, with details on habitats of many species.
Reggie Webster, collector, from the Canadian Forest Service, Atlantic Forestry Centre, who provided about 200 specimens.
Mark O’Brien, from University of Michigan, who provided 17 rare species (in eastern Canada) for images.
Gary Hevel, from the Smithsonian Institute, who provided about 15 rare species (in eastern Canada) for images.
Roy Danielsson, from Lund University, Sweden, who provided 2 Palearctic species (to compare with our arctic species) and about 150 Nearctic specimens from their collection.
Jason J. Dombroskie, who provide to us the type of Dichelotarsus fumiganus and many specimens of Dichelotarsus cinctipennis.
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, who donated the photographic system including a high-quality digital camera for taking photos of specimens.
Pierre-Marc Brousseau, who entered the first 850 specimens from the CNC in our database.
Jean-Philippe Légaré, who did some bibliographic research for us.
Pamela Cheers, Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre, who kindly revised this manuscript.

Finally, I would like to thank all photographers who provided nice live pictures of Cantharids. All images were chosen from the Bug Guide web site (except those from Dr Marshall).

Tom Murray: Rhagonycha excavata, R. fraxini, R. longula, R. oriflava, R. vilis, Dichelotarsus cinctipennis, D. pattoni, D. punctatus, D. simplex, Podabrus basilaris, P. diadema, P. frater, P. intrusus, P. modestus, P. tricostatus, Ditemnus bidentatus, Silis percomis, Malthodes arcifer, M. curvatus, M. fuliginosus and M. parvulus
Steve Marshall : Atalantycha bilineata, A. dentigera, A. neglecta, Cantharis lecontei, C. tuberculata, Pacificanthia rotundicollis, Rhagonycha fulva, R. luteicollis, R. proxima, R. scitula, R. tantilla, R. umbrina, Podabrus brevicollis, P. frosti, P. planulus and P. rugosulus
Peter Christofono: Cantharis livida, Rhagonycha mollis, R. parvicollis and Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus
Jon Hart: Rhagonycha lineola, R. nigrohumeralis, R. sylvatica and Malthinus occipitalis
Ilona Loser: Podabrus flavicollis, Polemius laticornis and P. limbatus
Yurika Alexander: Podabrus brimleyi and M. spado
Jerry Armstrong: Rhagonycha triangulifera and Polemius repandus
Thomas Bentley: Rhaxonycha carolina and Podabrus nothoides
Jonathan Burishkin: Podabrus brunnicollis and P. fayi
John F. Carr: Rhagonycha greeni and Dichelotarsus heteronychus
Rob Curtis: Podabrus dreisbachi and Polemius canadensis
Charley Eiseman: Rhagonycha cartwrighti and Dichelotarsus laevicollis
Richard Migneault: Cantharis rufa and Dichelotarsus n. sp.1 (near fumiganus)
Lynette Schimming: Rhagonycha fulva and D. piniphilus
Aurelias: Rhagonycha imbecillis
James Bailey: Silis difficilis
Carl Barrentine: Cantharis aneba
Troy Bartlet: Podabrus protensus
John F. Carr: Dichelotarsus heteronychus
Carmen Champagne: Rhaxonycha bilobata
Shelly Cox: Podabrus tomentosus
Steven Cresswell: Trypherus frisoni
Michael A. Cruz: Rhagonycha dichroa
Crystal Ernst (TGIQ): Dichelotarsus flavimanus
Kim Fleming: Rhagonycha imbecillis
Jennifer Forman Orth: Rhagonycha angulata
Elliotte R. Harold: Rhagonycha recta
William Hull: Rhagonycha vestigialis
Bill Johnson: Rhagonycha mandibularis
Scott Justis: Rhagonycha heterodoxa
Ted Kropiewnicki: Ditemnus latilobus
Blaine Mathison: Trypherus latipennis
Jim McClarin: Rhagonycha tenuis
Richard Migneault : Dichelotarsus fumiganus
Steve Nanz: Podabrus appendiculatus
Steve Pelikan: Chauliognathus marginatus
Sarah : Podabrus pygmaeus
Marie L. Schmidt: Silis spathulata
Ken Wolgenmoth: Podabrus punctulatus