Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Stink bugs (Pentatomidae) and parent bugs (Acanthosomatidae) of Ontario and adjacent areas:
A key to species and a review of the fauna
CJAI 24 September 1, 2013

S.M. Paiero, S.A. Marshall, J.E. McPherson, and M.-S. Ma. 

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  Link to pmmm_24_55.HTM Link to pmmm_24_58.HTM Link to pmmm_24_13.HTM Pentatomid - Murgantia histrionica VA0001 manitoulin_1425kip flem tract z Zcopy Untitled-1 copy Perillus circumcinctus Cosmopepla bimaculata A_pensylvanicum copy parabrochymena Podisus0003