ISSN 1911-2173

Fig 99 (a). Ptilonyssus hirsti female dorsal habitus.

Fig 99 (b). Ptilonyssus hirsti female dorsum.

Fig 99 (c). Ptilonyssus hirsti female venter.

Ptilonyssus (=Neonyssus) hirsti (Castro & Periera, 1947)

North American host records:
Passer domesticus, House Sparrow (Porter and Strandtmann 1952; Fain and Hyland 1963; Wilson 1964; Pence 1975; Knee et al. 2008)

Diagnostic characteristics:
– two dorsal shields, podosomal and fused opisthosomal and pygidial shields
– posterior margin of podosomal shield is straight
– opisthosomal shield is twice as long as wide
– opisthosomal shield without lateral excavation
– posterior margin of opisthosomal shield is rounded, occasionally it is invaginated forming an inverted V indent
– anterior margin of opisthosomal shield is straight
– st1 st2 and st3 off the sternal shield
– subapical ventral setal pair on tarsus IV are relatively long filamentous spikes with long flexible tips
– six pairs of ventral opisthosomal setae
– four pairs of mesolateral setae
– mesolateral setae all approximately equal in length, there are not two pairs of setae that are twice as long as another setal pair
– minute subposterior pair of dorsal podosomal setae are as long or almost as long as the longest mesolateral setae
– paranal setae posterior to anal opening, paranal and postanal setae are unequal in length

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