Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Key to Forensically Important Piophilidae (Diptera) in the Nearctic Region

CJAI 27 -- January 22, 2015

Sabrina Rochefort, Marjolaine Giroux, Jade Savage and Terry A. Wheeler


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Checklist of Nearctic Piophilidae of forensic interest

Thirteen species are included in our Nearctic checklist. Nine of these were compiled from the literature (Table 1), two from museum records, and two, Mycetaulus subdolus (Johnson 1922) and Parapiophila atrifrons (Melander & Spuler 1917), were recorded for the first time from pig carcasses in Quebec (along with four other species whose forensic relevance was already known). Parapiophila flavipes (Zetterstedt 1847) and Protopiophila litigata Bonduriansky 1995 have been added to the Nearctic checklist since many specimens from DEBU have been collected on carcasses, an indication that they may be of forensic relevance. Parapiophila vulgaris has also been added to the Nearctic checklist because it is widely distributed in the region and is a species of forensic relevance in Europe (Fiedler et al. 2008, Matuszewski et al. 2008). Parapiophila specimens identified only to genus in several studies (e.g. Sharanowski et al. 2008, Michaud et al. 2010) could belong to this species, although they may also correspond to other species such as Parapiophila atrifrons and P. flavipes. Boreopiophila tomentosa was excluded from the checklist based on its dubious record in Gill (2005) (see footnote in Table 1).

Liopiophila varipes Meigen, 1830

Mycetaulus bipunctatus (FallÚn, 1823) complex

Mycetaulus subdolus (Johnson, 1922)

Parapiophila atrifrons (Melander & Spuler, 1917)

Parapiophila flavipes (Zetterstedt 1847)

Parapiophila vulgaris (FallÚn, 1820)

Piophila casei (Linnaeus, 1758)

Prochyliza brevicornis Melander, 1924

Prochyliza nigrimana (Meigen, 1826)

Prochyliza xanthostoma Walker, 1849

Protopiophila latipes (Meigen, 1838)

Protopiophila litigata Bonduriansky 1995

Stearibia nigriceps Meigen, 1826