Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Identification of Delia pest species (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in cultivated crucifers and other vegetable crops in Canada

CJAI 29 -- June 29, 2016

Jade Savage, Anne-Marie Fortier, François Fournier, Véronique Bellavance

| Abstract | Introduction | DNA Barcoding | Larval Host Associations | Checklist | Keys to Delia pests | Acknowledgments | References | PDF | Cite |



This project was funded by the AgriInnovation program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the PRISME consortium, Compagnie de recherche Phytodata, Collège Montmorency, and Bishop’s University. We would like to thank Luc Brodeur (Consultag) for his input in the early phase of this project and all the Montérégie producers who allowed us to collect on their land. We thank Michael Richardson (Bishop’s University) for taking pictures of all adults flies, Francis Desjardins, Afsaneh Sedaghatkish and Roxane Pusnel (PRISME consortium) for collecting specimens in the field, Élisabeth Wistaff-Lalande and Mélissa Paquette (Collège Montmorency) for taking care of the Delia lab cultures, Verner Michelsen (Natural History Museum of Denmark) and Michael Ackland (retired) for their taxonomic expertise, Valérie Lévesque-Beaudin (BIO) for handling DNA barcoding submissions, and  Jim O’Hara (CNC), Brad Sinclair (CNC), Danny Shpeley (UASM) and Torsten Dikow (NMNH) for arranging specimen loans.