Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Sciomyzidae of northeastern North America

CJAI 35 -- March 20, 2019

Sarah Schorno, Stephen A. Marshall, William L. Murphy, and Matthew J. Muzzatti

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The photos of Pteromicra albicalceata and the abdomen of Tetanocera kerteszii were provided by Brian V. Brown and Giar-Ann Kung (Entomology Section, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). The habitus shot of Renocera cressoni was provided by Torsten Dikow (Smithsonian Institution, USNM of Washington, D.C.) Other photos are by Stephen Marshall (live flies), William L. Murphy, Sarah Schorno, or Matthew J. Muzzatti. Wing interference pattern (WIP) images were taken by Matthew J. Muzzatti. The distributional maps included on the species pages were compiled in part by Hailey Ashbee (School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph).