Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Sciomyzidae of northeastern North America

CJAI 35 -- March 20, 2019

Sarah Schorno1*, Stephen A. Marshall1, William L. Murphy2, and Matthew J. Muzzatti1

1School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1, Canada (,,
27835 Tufton Street, Fishers, Indiana 46038 USA (
*Corresponding author

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The 21 genera and 98 species of Sciomyzidae known from eastern Canada and the adjacent northeastern United States are keyed and illustrated. The eastern Canadian species are reviewed, with distributional maps and brief biological summaries provided for each species.

A corrigendum to this paper has been published (November 27, 2020) doi:10.3752/cjai.2020.AC06

Poecilographia decora (Loew) (photo by S.A. Marshall)